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Dear Saints,

I am happy to report to you that the churches that have been planted in Chiapas, Mexico continue to thrive, with new souls being added and new villages reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for praying and supporting this ministry financially these past 37 years.

This past summer we were able to baptize the new believers throughout the work. In the central part of the work 82 souls were baptized. In a place called Ojo de Agua, near the Guatemalan border, 12 souls were baptized, and in our jungle works 18 were baptized. What a blessing it is to see people getting saved!

Francisco Alvarez and his wife, Emilia, were recently saved in the village of Amatenango del Valle, along with several members of their family. Emilia had been sick for 4 years, unable to walk, much less cook and serve her family. Francisco told us that it was as if he no longer had a wife. After several visits to their home to pray for her, God showed mercy and healed Emilia! Needless to say, they are so happy that God healed her and saved their souls.

We recently held 4 mini campaigns in Amatenango, Aguacatenango, El Puerto and Teopisca. In each place, the neighboring churches also attended, so there were many souls present at each of these meetings. There was much rejoicing and hunger for more of God. Also, I was able to have a couple of meetings with the leadership of our churches. They are encouraged and eager to continue to serve Jesus and His saints.

Thanks again for helping us win the lost in Mexico. God is going to bless you for it.

Ron and Debbie Testa


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